“Hey Barbie, wanna go for a ride?”

Those of us old enough to remember Danish band Aqua’s infamous Barbie Girl (1997) will recall this classic line that sparked a veritable pink avalanche of interest in everything Barbiecore.

What colour are Barbie’s actual nails?

The doll’s creator Ruth Handler once said that, “Barbie always represented the fact that a woman had choices”, with the 1984 slogan, “We can do anything, right Barbie?”

And while Barbie is, of course, free to wear whatever nail colour she wants, “Barbie nails” are typically bright and vibrant pinks in a phenomenon now known as as Barbiecore.

In celebration of the screening of the Barbie movie! We've rounded up our hottest nail gels in pink for all you fans!

Choose our set without hesitation. Contains all colors from our selection!


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