3 mins Quickly Professional Nail Gel Polish Remover

Our quick-acting remover will take your nail polish off in as little as three minutes without compromising the health of your nails. 

  • Are you distressed by the incomplete removal of nail polish?
  • Are you distressed by using complicated nail polish removal tools?
  • Do you feel distressed because you need to go to the nail salon to remove nail polish frequently?
  • OK, This nail remover can solve the above problems
    How to use Magic Remover Gel:
    • Before removal. Grinding with a polished bar.
    • Apply enough magic remover gel.
    • Wait for about 3 mins. The nail polish bursts open.
    • Remove the residual nail polish with a small steel pusher.
    • Easy to remove the nail polish, clean.
    • Protect your nail with nail repair cream, keep it shiny and healthy.


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