Why Choose Liquid Chrome Nail Powder! 

Experience the incredible evolution of Chrome! Liquid chrome powder enables effortless creation of stunning chrome nails. Say goodbye to messy jars of chrome powder!RARJSM liquid chrome powder is messy-free. Compared with the traditional mirror chrome powder,our magic chrome mirror powder liquid will not get powder everywhere, and our magic mirror liquid dries very fast and does not remain on your hands.Dust-free and lightning-fast!

Different effects on different base colors

Apply on different color gel will get different effects,apply on black gel nail you can get a metallic effect;Apply on clear nude nail you can get the pearl aurora effect.

How To Use Chrome Powder Liquid Step By Step?

We choose RARJSM ® Aurora Magic Liquid Chrome Powder.
  • Application Tips:Must Shake Evenly Before Brush on the Nail
  • Remember to cover the cap tightly after use.
  • Our liquid powder is high density, after standing, the pigments inside will easily sink to the bottom. Shake the bottle to mix the powder before use



Application Process:

  • Step 1.Apply one layer color gel,then cure it.
  • Step 2.Apply the top coat ,cure it.
  • Step 3.Shake the Magic Aurora Chrome Liquid.
  • Step 4.Apply Magic Chrome Liquid with the way of dyeing part on the nail.
  • Step 5.Allow the Magic Chrome Liquid to dry,and rub it with your hands.
  • Step 6.Repeat step 4 and 5 for a second layer.
  • Step 7.Apply the top coat ,cure it.
  • Step 8.Then finished.

To achieve the best results with liquid chrome, it's essential to first apply a layer of no-wipe topcoat or no-wipe chrome polishing gel. Make sure to apply a thin coat to all ten nails and allow it to cure completely.

Discover the magic of the liquid chrome color without touching the nail surface. Embrace the learning curve and unlock the secrets of this amazing product. Work swiftly with a makeup sponge and a buffer sponge to unleash the stunning chrome mirror effect.
If there's a mistake, simply use a cloth with some acetone or 90% alcohol to remove the chrome. Start over without needing to apply the topcoat again.

RARJSM Liquid Chrome Nail Powder

RARJSM has 4 series of magic mirror liquids. They are Aurora, Metal, Moonlight and Chameleon. The most popular one is the Aurora series! Each set has 6 bottles of different colors, and the price is very cost-effective. If you're lucky, you'll often get half-price deals!


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